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custom transfer mold tooling manufacturer

Dalin Mold & Machine is a custom transfer mold tooling manufacturer with more than a half century of experience. Our abundance of quality machines, sizable facility, and in-house design engineer allows rubber part manufacturers to use custom molds for the transfer mold process when creating parts that offer reliable quality control while maintaining lower costs.

We are a United States-based transfer mold tooling manufacturer, but we operate with customers from all across the world. Our company has been working with rubber manufacturing tooling since 1970, and that half century of knowledge and experience is put to work in all of our transfer mold tooling efforts. As a US-based manufacturer, we understand the demands of the local market and can maintain quality in our molds while reducing initial setup costs as much as possible for our customers. Our custom designer will work with you as well to create a mold that optimizes both precision and overall cost for the mold and the part itself.


Why Transfer Molding Works

Transfer molding is a useful method of rubber part manufacturing in that it allows for tighter tolerances on the finished part and preparation is simple. It works by manually loading rubber material, known as a preform, into a transfer pot. Once the ram is closed, the preform is pushed through the gate system into the actual cavity of the mold. When it is inside, the rubber material is then heated to cure into the proper final shape.

Given that transfer molding requires manual loading, it is a more labor intensive process compared to alternatives like injection molding. The process does, however, allow for extremely precise manufacturing. This makes transfer molding ideal for high precision applications. We understand that many rubber parts require precise specifications, so our transfer molds are designed specifically for those high precision needs. Additionally, transfer molding works well when you have to manufacture parts using colored rubber compounds, as it can precisely direct color into the final part.

Dalin Mold’s In-House Design Engineer

Transfer molds can be used for a wide variety of applications, and given their ability to offer extreme precision, it’s not uncommon for rubber part manufacturers to need custom designs. Our in-house design engineer will work with you to create a custom transfer mold for your part that meets your exact specifications. Additionally, our designer will work to ensure quality and precision all while reducing overall costs for the most efficient solution possible. Our quality control is optimized all while maintaining our status as one of the most affordable transfer mold tooling manufacturers in the country.

Our full time in-house design engineer works alongside a team of highly experienced CAD/CAM programmers that put advanced technology to work on your custom mold design. Since both the design and machining are done in-house, our designer and their team can offer a seamless mold production process thanks to our own internal networking. This efficiency does help to offset the overall increased cost of transfer mold tooling compared to alternatives like compression molding.

CAD designer working on laptop

Benefits of Transfer Molding

  • Suitable for rubber parts that require a high level of precision
  • Works well when using colored rubber compounds
  • Can be used with rubber material that is bonded to metal or another kind of material
  • Easy stock preparation
  • Less flash extension on parting line of finished part

Industries Served

Rubber automotive parts

Rubber Part Manufacturers

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Low Volume Metal Machining

steel, plastic, and rubber items

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