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Dalin Mold & Machine offers high-end rubber compression molds that can be customized to use for your unique application thanks to our in-house design engineer. While compression mold designs tend to be relatively simplistic, the necessary specifications for a part you may need to make can be difficult to meet without available customization. All of our compression molds are manufactured with precision in mind, and they can be customized to your liking. Work with our engineer to come up with a solution to your mold design that lowers both cost and turnaround time for the mold and the part.

At Dalin Mold, we have been manufacturing molds for rubber part manufacturers since 1970, and all that experience has allowed us to become a global source for reliable molds that meet precise specifications. We are a US-based mold manufacturer, and our advanced machinery allows us to create molds at a much more affordable cost while still maintaining quality compared to many other US manufacturers. Offering both savings and quality, Dalin Mold & Machine can be your partner in all your compression molding efforts.

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Why Rubber Compression Molding is Used

Compression molding is a rubber manufacturing process that uses hydraulic pressure to close material inside a heated mold cavity. When held under pressure and heat for a certain amount of time, it will cure into its final form. Rubber compression molding is also known as Vulcanization, and its lower initial tooling cost make it a popular choice for applications that require only a low quantity of rubber parts.

The reason why it is typically used for low volume manufacturing is because this process requires the mold to be hand loaded. Additionally, the curing time is longer than other types of processes such as injection molding. If you do not need very many copies of the same part, however, compression molding can be a useful solution that avoids a relatively large upfront initial tooling cost. This is the primary advantage compression molding has over other methods like injection molding, which is good for high volume productions but has higher upfront tooling costs.

Our Design Engineer Capabilities

At Dalin Mold, we have a full time design engineer on staff that works alongside 7 highly trained CAD/CAM programmers. All design and machining is done in house here, which allows us to keep our costs low while still maintaining the high quality your parts need. We utilize in-house networking to maintain a seamless job flow to maximize efficiency and minimize cycle time delivering quality molds for your rubber part manufacturing.

Our in-house design engineer will work with you to create a custom design for a mold that best suits your needs for rubber part manufacturing. Our commitment to quality work is only met if your business is able to create the quality parts that your customers need. In addition to design, our engineer can additionally help update molds that you already have. We also offer repair services if one of your molds is not working the way it used to.

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Benefits of Compression Molding

  • Decreased initial tooling cost
  • Useful for low volume production
  • Useful for manufacturing of large components
  • Can accommodate rubber material that is bonded to metal or other kinds of materials
  • Less stock required to produce part
  • Simple design decreases dimensional errors in manufacturing

Industries Served

Rubber automotive parts

Rubber Part Manufacturers

cnc molding machine

Low Volume Metal Machining

steel, plastic, and rubber items

Steel Products

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