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Dalin Mold & Machine Offers High Quality Rubber Molding Manufacturing

Dalin Mold is a rubber molding manufacturer that has been committed to offering top quality solutions for injection, compression, transfer, metal bonding, and more since 1970. Our in-house design engineer can even work with you to design specific parts to reduce overall costs while still maintaining high quality standards. It’s our mission to offer you the high quality rubber molds you need in addition to repairs and revisions. Don’t hesitate to put our decades of experience to work for your business.
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Your Rubber Molding Production Partner

Dalin Mold & Machine works as your partner throughout the entire rubber molding manufacturing process with fast response and turnaround times in addition to custom designs from our in-house engineer. We are equipped with the technology and expertise necessary for high quality rubber manufacturing services with more than 50 years of experience being put to work for you to maintain both affordability and precision.

Rubber Injection Mold Tooling Manufacturer

Injection molding works by feeding a rubber strip into a closed mold through a screw barrel. The mold itself can vary quite a bit with some having multiple cavities. Dalin Mold & Machine has extensive experience running rubber through the gates and runners to reach the cavities. Once in place, the rubber is heated under full clamp pressure to reduce flash on the parting lines. Our injection molds are often designed with a venting system to let trapped gasses out.
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Compression Mold Tooling Manufacturer

Compression molding functions by heating a specific size of uncured rubber in a mold under hydraulic pressure for a certain amount of time. This process tends to use less rubber overall when filling cavities, so it avoids any excess waste like what you would find with injection runners or transfer pots. Compression molds are loaded by hand and have a relatively lengthy curing time, but the design is simple and reliable.
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Transfer Mold Tooling Manufacturer

Transfer molding works by placing a specific size of uncured rubber into a transfer pot and subsequently pushing it through runners and gates into a cavity using a ram. Once in place, the rubber is heated for a certain amount of time until the final mold shape is ready. This method offers tighter tolerances for the finished part, so it is especially useful for technical specification. Transfer molding additionally offers less flash extension on parting lines.
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Low Volume Contract Machining

The contract machining services at Dalin Mold & Machine can handle low volume production almost entirely in-house thanks to our multitude of equipment. Our overhead crane capability is especially useful, as we often utilize molds made from steel. Specifically, we have 4 1-ton overhead cranes that can be put to use for fast turnaround times.
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Why You Should Work With Us

Custom Design

Our in-house design engineer will work with you to create a custom design for your part that maintains precision while reducing costs. They will communicate with you throughout the process from start to finish.

Extensive Experience

Dalin Mold & Machine has been working in rubber mold manufacturing for more than 50 years, so our team has the expertise necessary for reliable design and manufacturing. That extends to material testing and development as well.

Quality & Savings

We specialize in offering our services at a much lower cost than you would expect from USA-based mold manufacturers. Despite this, we guarantee high quality results that other low cost manufacturers in the US can’t.

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