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custom rubber injection mold tooling manufacturer

Dalin Mold & Machine is a custom rubber injection mold tooling manufacturer with an in-house designer that serves rubber part manufacturers. Molds used for rubber injection manufacturing need reliability that holds up through many repeat uses. With our in-house engineer, we can provide design support for any custom molds you may require while still maintaining efficiency. Our high quality equipment and experienced team allow our customers to enjoy shorter lead times without sacrificing quality.

We operate on a global scale making molds for industries all over the world, but our costs are considerably lower than the majority of mold manufacturers based in the United States. Even with our lower costs, our commitment to quality ensures that every mold produced meets your exact specifications and will hold up under repeated uses. We understand the rubber industry and how it has developed, so our molds are manufactured with rubber material applications specifically in mind. As a part of this industry since 1970, we are happy to put our half-century of experience to work for the rubber injection molds that your business needs.

Rubber automotive parts

Why so Many Choose Injection Molding

Injection molding is a kind of manufacturing process that is carried out by injecting rubber material into a mold until it is able to form a final shape. This process is especially useful for high volume production of parts where the same mold can be used repeatedly. Since the process is both quick and reliable, injection molding is a popular option for efficient mass production operations that keeps costs low and quality high.

Some injection molded parts need to be reproduced millions of times, so the mold itself will need to be prepped for long term repeated uses all while allowing for quick processing. Rubber injection molding allows rubber part manufacturers to operate efficiently, which can significantly reduce overall costs. That often makes up for the initial mold cost, but Dalin Mold takes it even further by offering a lower cost on molds than most other US-based manufacturers.

Rubber Injection Mold Tooling with Technical Support

Dalin Mold & Machine offers custom technical support with our in-house engineer. Any molds that require unique specifications can still be carried out by our injection mold tooling process. Our experienced team will work with you to keep costs low and lead times short all while still ensuring a high quality final product.

Our full time design engineer is assisted by several trained CAD/CAM programmers that allow us to design and machine all molds in house. The job flow is seamless as well thanks to our in-house networking. Remember, our custom design expertise can be put to work creating a new injection mold for your rubber part that abides by precise specifications or optimizing or repairing an injection mold that you already have. Any injection mold tooling services you need to produce the products that your customers will love is what we can offer as a trusted rubber mold maker.

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Benefits of Rubber Injection Molding:

  • Lower costs when producing mid to high volume products
  • Can handle specifications that require high precision
  • Short cycle times
  • No custom stock prep required
  • Less flash on parting lines when using full clamp pressure

Industries Served

Rubber automotive parts

Rubber Part Manufacturers

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Low Volume Metal Machining

steel, plastic, and rubber items

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