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Dalin Mold & Machining offers contract machining services for low volume, high precision, and large part projects. Our overhead crane capability allows us to carry out contract machining that involves heavy lifting such as utilizing large slabs of steel. With our 11,500 square foot building, decades of experience, and vast array of equipment, we can fulfill your contract machining needs with speed and precision.

Our equipment allows us to keep 95% of all work we do in house with 5% being sent to our outsourcing partners. This is to ensure that we maintain on time deliveries for all our customers while keeping quality standards high. We work as your partner with contract machining to fulfill contract requirements to the letter and deliver results on time every time.

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Our In-House Designer

We have a full time design engineer on staff supported by a team of CAD/CAM programmers to offer support to all contract machining efforts. By keeping both design and machining in house, we can offer seamless job flow to bolster efficiency through our in-house networking. By combining our engineering and design expertise with our array of high-end equipment, we can offer delivery of contract machining services for large parts at low volume on time while maintaining quality.

Four 1-Ton Overhead Cranes

Our machine shop is outfitted with four 1-ton overhead cranes that can handle heavy lifting jobs with strength and precision. Contract machining requirements often require being able to work with massive slabs of steel, and our squad of high quality well-maintained cranes allow us to complete work that may be past the capabilities of other contract machining services. Not only do these cranes allow our dedicated team to work with heavy materials, but they additionally help us maximize efficiency while still maintaining quality to ensure on time delivery of results.

Yellow Overhead Crane Hook

Equipment List

  • 4 1-Ton Overhead Cranes
  • 3 Fadal Vertical Machining Center (45 X 25 Travel)
  • 1 Fadal Vertical Machining Center (30 X 60 Travel)
  • 1 Fadal Vertical Machining Center (20 X 40 Travel)
  • 1 Mighty Viper Pro 1000 Vertical Machining Center
  • 5 Lagun Vertical Mills with Digital Readouts
  • 3 Lagunmatic 717 CNC (17 x 32 Travel)
  • 3 Lagunmatic 310 CNC (14 x 27 Travel (1) with 4th Axis)
  • 1 Okuma and Howa CNC Lathe
  • 1 Hardinge T-42 CNC Lathe
  • 1 Raycon R-20 EDM
  • 3 Bridgeport Series II Special Milling Machines with Digital Readouts
  • 2 Bridgeport Series I Milling Machines with Digital Readouts
  • 1 17 x 60 with 24” Gap Nardini Lathe with Digital Readouts
  • 1 15 x 60 South Bend Lathe with Digital Readouts
  • 1 12 x 36 Nardini Lathe
  • 1 Blanchard Grinder with 42” Chuck
  • 1 Thompson Surface Grinder (12 x 24)
  • 1 #2 Abrasive Surface Grinder (10 x 15)
  • 1 Harig Surface Grinder (6 x 12)
  • 1 YMZ Radial Drill Press (10” column)
  • 1 Power-R-Matic 90AMP MIG Welder
  • 1 IdealARC 250 AMP TIG Welder
  • 1 Genex 14” Optical Comparator (10/1 Lens)
  • 1 Hydramatic Facing Mill with 10” Cutter
  • 1 5000 LB Yale Forklift

Advantages of Contract Machining

  • Quality products produced by experts
  • Reduced overall costs
  • Faster time to market
  • Prioritization of resources
  • Easier market entry
  • Reliable cost estimates and deadlines

Industries Served

Rubber automotive parts

Rubber Part Manufacturers

cnc molding machine

Low Volume Metal Machining

steel, plastic, and rubber items

Steel Products

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